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The project is in the process of restarting.
Thank you for your interest and patience.
You can follow its development on Mastodon.

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Minimalist social network that doesn't get in your way

Whether you are a hardcore digital minimalist or just looking for a refreshing place to hang out with friends online, friends!forever is made for you. Here are no likes or other counters, no endless annoying notifications, and no algorithms designed to get you hooked. A simple, clean, paperlike interface gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on what is being said.

Digital space for real life friends

Forming bonds with people is more than clicking one button and then another when you lose interest. That's why, once you add a friend on friends!forever, there is no coming back. Adding someone to your friend list should be an intentional choice.

Campsites for you and your friends (and their friends)

friends!forever's Campsites are a simplified version of "Basecamp for friends". Add anyone to the Campsite (not only friends!), discuss, and plan things together. Store relevant files and links in the File Cabinet and write together with Campscribes (coming soon).

What can I use Campsites for?

Bringing back the old traditions

This is how social networks were always meant to be: with a chronological feed that consists of people and conversations you genuinely care about instead of an algorithmic dopamine carousel, where social circles are made of friends instead of strangers, as a place where you come to hang out online instead of being constantly manipulated by greedy corporations.

A place for thoughtful conversation

Express your thoughts fully with a maximum post size of 1500 characters. Talk about things that matter to you and exchange opinions without the need for threads.

Respects your privacy. For real

"We value your privacy" is a statement that means nothing these days. But not for friends!forever. With no trackers, analytics, ads, third-party integrations, or other BS, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief—no one is tracking you here.

But wait, there's more! friends!forever encrypts all information, including your profile and all the posts, so anyone who tries to get into our database will see only gibberish! How cool is that?

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